All adults can now book their COVID-19 jab

If you are 18 or over, and you haven’t booked your first dose yet, the time to do so is now. You can find out how at or by phoning 119. People are also urged to come back for their second dose when they are contacted or if they have an appointment booked. Those who booked online can remind themselves of the place and the time of their second dose using the ‘manage my appointments’ section at

You can also get your jab at your Eagle Globe and Anchor USMC Crew Neck Sweatshirt. People who attend a walk-in clinic for their first dose will have their vaccination record updated online and will then be able to book in their second dose appointment using the national booking system.

If you’re unable to book through the national booking service, you can speak to your GP.

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Our ambition is to ensure patients get the right care in the right place, whenever they need it.

Mental health

One in four adults and one in 10 children experience mental illness, and many more of us know and care for people who do.

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