$241 ROJA RECKLESS Parfum Pour Femme, 50ml Beauty Personal Care Fragrance ROJA RECKLESS Parfum 50ml National uniform free shipping Femme Pour ROJA RECKLESS Parfum 50ml National uniform free shipping Femme Pour 50ml,Parfum,/dorsoventrally1137933.html,RECKLESS,Femme,,Pour,$241,Beauty Personal Care , Fragrance,ROJA,birrificioerbanina.com 50ml,Parfum,/dorsoventrally1137933.html,RECKLESS,Femme,,Pour,$241,Beauty Personal Care , Fragrance,ROJA,birrificioerbanina.com $241 ROJA RECKLESS Parfum Pour Femme, 50ml Beauty Personal Care Fragrance

ROJA RECKLESS Parfum 50ml National uniform Max 46% OFF free shipping Femme Pour

ROJA RECKLESS Parfum Pour Femme, 50ml


ROJA RECKLESS Parfum Pour Femme, 50ml

Product description

Roja Reckless which was released in 2014 lets you show off your daredevil side. With its decent longevity and strong sillage it ensures you will be the center of attention. This Roja Parfums fragrance starts off strong with top notes of bergamot lemon bay leaf and lavender.

ROJA RECKLESS Parfum Pour Femme, 50ml

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