OERJU 10x8ft Cartoon Style Welcome Back School Green Backdrop to Superior Backdrop,Style,/aquincubitalism1137945.html,School,birrificioerbanina.com,to,Cartoon,$30,Green,Welcome,10x8ft,Back,Electronics , Camera Photo,OERJU $30 OERJU 10x8ft Cartoon Style Welcome Back to School Backdrop Green Electronics Camera Photo $30 OERJU 10x8ft Cartoon Style Welcome Back to School Backdrop Green Electronics Camera Photo Backdrop,Style,/aquincubitalism1137945.html,School,birrificioerbanina.com,to,Cartoon,$30,Green,Welcome,10x8ft,Back,Electronics , Camera Photo,OERJU OERJU 10x8ft Cartoon Style Welcome Back School Green Backdrop to Superior

OERJU 10x8ft Cartoon Style Welcome NEW before selling Back School Green Backdrop to Superior

OERJU 10x8ft Cartoon Style Welcome Back to School Backdrop Green


OERJU 10x8ft Cartoon Style Welcome Back to School Backdrop Green

Product description


Detail information

Material:Vinyl,Light weight,easy to use and carry
Color:as picture shows
Features:Light Weight,Portable and durable,High resolution,non-reflective,not washable,but you can swab it with water.
Usage:Any photography for Adults, Children, Baby, Party, Holiday, Activities,Work,Wedding, Getting Together Occasion,Graduation, baby showers,school proms,bridal showers,festivals holiday celebrations,performances Background

We Offer Customized Servie,please contact us via message or email if you need different size or pattern of the backdrops


the item will be sent folded due to the post office size restrictions,the length of item cannot be more than 1.2m,so there might be slight Wrinkle,

1,Please roll it up tightly with a cylinder after few days,it will be alright,
2,You can iron the back surface with steam iron,but not dry iron,and do not iron the front surface.
3,Stretch and clamp it tightly and hang it Vertically or Horizontally,it will be fine again after about 4-6 days

OERJU 10x8ft Cartoon Style Welcome Back to School Backdrop Green

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