$385 AFE Filters 54-76312 Momentum GT Pro 5R Air Intake System Includ Automotive Replacement Parts $385 AFE Filters 54-76312 Momentum GT Pro 5R Air Intake System Includ Automotive Replacement Parts Filters,Includ,GT,Intake,birrificioerbanina.com,System,$385,5R,54-76312,Automotive , Replacement Parts,/antipodal1154096.html,Momentum,AFE,Pro,Air Filters,Includ,GT,Intake,birrificioerbanina.com,System,$385,5R,54-76312,Automotive , Replacement Parts,/antipodal1154096.html,Momentum,AFE,Pro,Air Max 67% OFF AFE Filters 54-76312 Momentum GT Pro 5R Intake Includ Air System Max 67% OFF AFE Filters 54-76312 Momentum GT Pro 5R Intake Includ Air System

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AFE Filters 54-76312 Momentum GT Pro 5R Air Intake System Includ


AFE Filters 54-76312 Momentum GT Pro 5R Air Intake System Includ

Product description

Style:Pro 5R - 5 layer oiled media

Momentum Series Cold Air Intake Systems are designed and tested around the performance needs of gas truck and car applications. All Momentum Series Cold Air Intake Systems ensure maximum horsepower and torque with the largest filter possible. Each Momentum Series Cold Air Intake System is dyno-tested at our in-house dyno in Corona, CA. The Momentum Series Cold Air Intake Systems feature a one-piece sealed housing, filter-to-housing interface, premium hardware, and filter options of ProDryS, Pro5R, or ProGuard7 depending on your application and performance needs.

AFE Filters 54-76312 Momentum GT Pro 5R Air Intake System Includ

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