C-Pen,-,Flash,Memory,,Electronics , Computers Accessories,St,32GB,Ballpoint,,,,Lexon,$28,USB-C,birrificioerbanina.com,Black,Ink,/absolutory1130282.html $28 Lexon C-Pen - Black Ink Ballpoint, USB-C Flash Memory, 32GB , St Electronics Computers Accessories C-Pen,-,Flash,Memory,,Electronics , Computers Accessories,St,32GB,Ballpoint,,,,Lexon,$28,USB-C,birrificioerbanina.com,Black,Ink,/absolutory1130282.html Lexon C-Pen - Black Ink Ballpoint 32GB Memory Flash USB-C Miami Mall St $28 Lexon C-Pen - Black Ink Ballpoint, USB-C Flash Memory, 32GB , St Electronics Computers Accessories Lexon C-Pen - Black Ink Ballpoint 32GB Memory Flash USB-C Miami Mall St

Lexon C-Pen - Black Ink Ballpoint 32GB Memory Flash USB-C Miami Free shipping Mall St

Lexon C-Pen - Black Ink Ballpoint, USB-C Flash Memory, 32GB , St


Lexon C-Pen - Black Ink Ballpoint, USB-C Flash Memory, 32GB , St

Product description


The C-Pen 2-1 writing storage experience. A Ballpoint Pen with a 32 GB USB-C drive in the pen cap

32 GB of memory means you can transfer and store up to 4000 pictures, 7000 songs, or 40 hours of video.

Compatible with a computer, tablet, and smartphone. The C-PEN is a handy way to transfer memories or notes between all your devices.

The must have accessory for the modern on-the-go person, available in 6 colors in a glossy or matt finish.

Lexon C-Pen - Black Ink Ballpoint, USB-C Flash Memory, 32GB , St

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