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Tagital T7K Plus Latest item Kids Tablet Display Mode Pre-Inst inch 7 Sales of SALE items from new works

Tagital T7K Plus Kids Tablet, 7 inch Display, Kids Mode Pre-Inst


Tagital T7K Plus Kids Tablet, 7 inch Display, Kids Mode Pre-Inst

Product description


Why choose the Tagital Tablet?

Compared with other tablets in the same price range, Tagital is the best choice for your budget. Powered by A33 Cortex-A7 1.5GHZ Quad-Core enhanced by the latest Memory Chip, Mail 400 GPU makes games run flawlessly, web pages loads quicker and apps runs more efficiently.

Free thousands of apps

We consider your needs to install thousands of Free Apps. What you need to do is just log into Play Store and download free Android apps.

Live US local customer service and tech support. Frequently updated firmware guarantees customer satisfaction. Feel free to contact us whenever a question pops up in your head, we are always here to help.


Quad core Mail 400 GPU
Google Android 4.4.2 OS
7 inch Capacitive TFT Display, 1024*600 Resolution
Dual Camera Front 0.3 MegaPixel, Back camera for 2.0M
Wireless Wifi 802.11b/g /n
8 GB Storage (Supports Micro SD card extension)


1x Tagital Tablet
1x User's Manual
1x USB Cable
1x AC Charger
1x Kickoff Stand Case

Tagital T7K Plus Kids Tablet, 7 inch Display, Kids Mode Pre-Inst

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